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Exclusive Personalized Mentorship for SLPs, PTs, OTs, and Counselors in Private Practice


Hello! We are Eric and Tiffany Turner, owners of Turner Therapy Consulting. We set out on the private practice venture in 2014 when we opened Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation, a regional swallowing and voice diagnostic and therapy center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Through the work of our unique skill sets combined, we've been able to develop our practice into a successful establishment that has served thousands of clients. We've generated well over six figures annually despite a very specialized niche and a small market. Over the last five years, we've also gained the attention and respect of tens of thousands of speech-language pathologists worldwide who purchase our resources, our physician colleagues throughout the region, and our local community. We saw a need and set out to fill it; although this meant many late nights and lots of hard work, we were determined!


It is often difficult for clinicians to handle the business aspects of a practice, which is where a partnership of two people with a clinical and a business background really worked to our benefit. We get countless emails on a weekly basis from other clinicians everywhere asking for help getting their practices up and running. We wish we could respond to everyone personally. While we can't do that, what we can do is help a select few people at a time through personal, individualized mentorship, something we both enjoy and find rewarding.

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