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Individualized Expert Guidance

If you want to start a specialty private practice or take your business to the next level, our consulting services may be the perfect fit for you. Maybe you want to start a private practice but have no idea where to start. Maybe you have an existing private pay practice but you want to branch into accepting Medicare and insurance. Maybe you have questions about hiring employees, marketing, or other logistical issues as you grow your practice. We have experienced it all at Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation and can help save you from unnecessary pitfalls along the way as you start and grow your business! 


A strategic planning session with us includes a one-time 45-minute video chat with both Eric and Tiffany about whatever you wish to discuss and one follow up email correspondence afterward. We spend the time discussing whatever YOU most need assistance with at whatever stage you are in presently. Some mentees may want to have a planning session before they start the initial planning of their business to discuss logistics and then a few months later have another session to discuss insurance credentialing and billing, etc. We are here to help however we can along the way no matter what your current needs are. We have mentored several clinicians in other states and love helping and watching other practices thrive.

Strategic planning sessions are available on a case by case basis, as we are committed to providing you the highest quality of assistance. This requires ensuring none of our clients in the same discipline are in the same general location or are direct competitors, which is why we individually accept mentees through a selection process to avoid any conflict of interest. Please fill out the application below, and we will be in contact with you shortly.